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In Response to the COVID-19


In accordance with CDC guidelines CBVH is providing curbside service for our clients at this time. We are asking our clients to help us by practicing social distancing and wearing face masks when interacting with us. 

To make sure our team is available to provide the best level of care for your pet, we have instituted a new intake process. You will receive additional details at the time of your arrival. Look for these instructions provided in the windows in front of the designated parking spots in front of the practice. Here are a few key items:

  1. For the safety of our staff and clients our hospital is closed to all non employees until further notice. 

  2. After your check in, please remain in your car and a staff member will greet you at the front of your car and assist with the transfer of your pet to our care. 

  3. Please remain at the clinic in your car and a staff member will call you after they have completed the exam and confirm treatment or services. 

  4. Please wear a face covering when interacting with staff during your time with us. 

In order to be more available for yearly annual examinations, sick visits, anesthetic procedures and vaccine boosters we are no longer providing non essential service nail trims. Exceptions to this policy will be made for those that require sedation. 

Lastly, We kindly ask that you cancel or postpone your appointment if you are showing any of the flowing symptoms: Fever, Fatigue, cough, or shortness of breath. If your pet is sick and still needs to be seen please designate a caregiver for your pet that is not showing these symptoms to bring them to the hospital. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything further prior to your appointment or need any further clarification regarding your upcoming appointment. 

Stay well, 

Casco Bay Veterinary Hospital Team



Hi everyone, hoping this finds you all safe and thriving in these challenging times....

We wanted to share a few thoughts on an evolving issue in the world of Covid-19 and pets...while we cannot make definitive determinations yet, conventional wisdom as of now is that pets are exposed via interaction with infectious people, and NOT the other way around.

There have been a total of TWO known feline patients (one domestic kitty in Belgium, and the big cats at the Bronx Zoo) who have not only tested positive for exposure, but have exhibited clinical signs of Covid-19. The kitty in Belgium has made a full recovery after 9 days in care, and the big cats of NY are expected to do the same.

While simple exposures to Covid-positive people remains highly manageable in the home setting for people and pets (many available guidelines emerging, see below), this IS of potential consequence for veterinary teams, who by the very nature of their work are unable to "distance" themselves from any such patients.

As such, we will be SCREENING our calls a bit more thoroughly when It comes to acutely sick feline patients moving forward, and ask that you provide, to the best of your abilities, any information which could support the pet's possible exposure to Covid-19, and highly detailed accounts of the symptoms which prompted your call. This will enable us to make the best possible recommendations for who may be best equipped to provide the medical services needed by your pet. In cases involving acute onsets of vomiting, diarrhea, or altered breathing, we may recommend that you seek care in a facility which offers high level clinical isolation capabilities, for the safety of both other patients, and the staff members who continue to bravely care for them.

We realize these are stressful times, information is changing on a daily basis, and we are doing our best to adapt and adjust along with it. There is NO need to panic or take drastic measures with the evolving question of covid-19 and pets. We encourage following the topics from reputable sources such as the AVMA or CDC websites.

As always, please call with any questions or concerns along the way, and we will do our best to keep you informed. We are all in this together, and together we'll emerge stronger than ever.



Week 2:

Refining the "new normal" at our little clinic these last several days, with curbside services and trying to be there for our clients as much as humanly possible.

Firstly, the grace and patience of our clientele has been a wondrous sight to behold as we all navigate uncharted waters together, can't say it enough, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It's hard to overemphasize just how much it means to these staff members to continue to feel the love whilst taking care of these creatures, it's what keeps us coming to work in the midst of these frightening times.

Secondly, we're doing our best. We're down several key staff members and making adjustments as we go to try and preserve those that remain at the ready. We're scheduling differently and adjusting the range of services we can offer, with the goal to be here for the long haul while the pandemic plays out. Reach out as you normally would, we're here to guide you through the process of how best to meet your veterinary needs.

Thirdly, stay tuned for more updates in the coming days, with new service platforms in the works and strategies to help us all get through these times we find ourselves in.

Wishing all of you good health and prosperity,

The Team at Casco Bay Vet



Day 3 of our new reality:

What we're learning as we navigate these early days of life with Covid-19 is that there will be no easy answers, no easy decisions. Like the rest of the business community, we are adapting and adjusting in real time, with the goal remaining to be here in both the short and long term to help meet your furry friends' medical needs.

The unmistakable reality in our world is that we have, by default, an awful lot of close contact with you, our clients. And while that usually is one of the best parts of this job, in these strange days, it's become apparent that it will make it nearly impossible to achieve our top priority, which is health and safety for all involved. "Social Distancing" in the clinic setting has proven near impossible to achieve.

As such, BEGINNING IMMEDIATELY, we will follow suite with many of the other leaders in our profession and begin the practice of "curbside" admissions for pet visits to the hospital. We will strive to triage your needs via phone when you first call with concerns, anticipate your arrival (please call us from the car at 761-8033), and handle pet admissions/discharges outside of the actual facility, limiting your exposure to our varied team members, and limiting ours to the general public. We will handle many of the usual aspects of a visit, such as case discussions and payment for services, via telephonic means. We are also actively exploring telemedicine options to further facilitate our communications, stay tuned for more on that in the coming days.

We realize this is a departure from the normal routines we all have taken for granted all these many years, and we all hope to be able to return to "normal" once this pandemic has subsided. Know that we treat each and every one of these patients as though they were our own, there will be no changes to our standards of care and approach to treating disease, and we will strive to make this as seamless as possible for all involved.

We hope that by instituting these additional safeguards, we will be better positioned to continue to serve your needs when your pets are not feeling their best. Each case we see will be given its own triage and assessment, and we hope to be able to provide a near-normal level of service in both the medical and surgical arenas.

As we've rolled out these new guidelines and protocols, it's been truly moving to hear how understanding and cooperative you all have been, and we really appreciate the good vibes you've shared. We are all in this together, and it shows.